Please send me your request and I will pray for you. There are several groups that pray each week. Do you want them to pray as well or just me as the pastor? Please indicate your preference when you e-mail me.



There are four ways God answers prayer.
1. Directly – This is a “yes” answer and often we mistakenly regard only this as an answer to prayer.
2. Denied – This is a “no” answer. God as a good Father does not always give us what we ask for because sometimes it would not be good for us. We often pray for things for our comfort and convenience. God is caring about these issues in our lives but He also wants us to grow spiritually and become dependent on Him. Often this occurs more readily when things are not easy.
3. Delayed – this is a “not yet” answer because we are not ready to profit from a yes answer to our prayer.
4. Diverted – this is a “not your way” answer. God is saying I have something far better in mind for you because I see all that occurs in the future ahead of time.


Are you in God’s family? If you have not yet trusted Christ as your own personal Savior, you have no claim on family provisions. I can help you with this…just ask. Are you living a life of purity and commitment to God. The Psalmist makes it clear that if we regard iniquity in our hearts God does not hear us. Are you ready to accept God’s will for your life? He does know what is best for you. Remember He is not just a celestial vending machine to pour out whatever your heart might desire at the moment.
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